About the breed from Bela's point of view

Once »hovi« stays »hovi« forever. I have heard this from hovi breeders a long time ago. Only now I can understand and feel this statement in total. My connection and attachment to Bela is really telling me that a dog can be yours best friend.


I met hovawarts by coincidence, for which I am grateful. Hovawart is a guard dog, it is beautiful, shapely, adorable dog. Its pedigree comes from medieval farm dogs. Affectionately they are today called just hovi, family dogs for universal purposes.

Hovi character which can be seen from puppies to adults is priceless for me. Vivaciousness, curiosity, persistence are surprising me over and over again. First three years with Bela were very lively, active and intense in learning, discovering, moving, experiencing and testing. Bela is very social, curious. Wanting to please, she loves to be in our company and to live with us. 

Bela enjoys playing and working with me. She is relaxed, if I am relaxed. It is very sensible, typical for hovi's. For me, as a beginner in dog breeding, it was very challenging how to bring a puppy to a real adult dog. Bela helped me along this path and gave me the necessary energy. We could work even when I was tired and spiritless. She didn't let me to rest and she didn't forget to show me when I became too indulgent. We both grow together. And this Bela's – hovi's synergy is a step to a successful path for each beginner. But just for beginners willing to live active, just, consistent, tender and loving life with and for the dog.

Bela wants to experience any activity with joy and she loves to make contacts. Enthusiasm is what you will experience in contact with her, especially if you dedicate a bit of your time, petting, approvals and rewards to her. She trusts immediately and she likes to be bribed. During all the time with me she was in perfect health and I can say that hovis are a healthy dog breed. 

You can expect the best from a hovi if you will invest in the dog the best of you, as I, as a total beginner, did and succeed. If you work with it and love it, it will never disappoint you. It will be always with you, adorable, popular and beautiful. That is how Bela is here for me.




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